Ceramic Band Heaters

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Ceramic Band Heaters


A helically wound resistance coil made from nickel-chrome wire is precisely strung through specially designed ceramic insulating bricks, forming a flexible heating mat. TEMPCO's style of Ceramic Insulating Bricks offers several benefits including:

  • Excellent dielectric strength at high temperatures with high voltages
  • Ability to interlock and provide a more rigid structure
  • Allows for heater widths in smaller increments (1/8")
  • Reduces the chances of damaging internal coils in transit and handling
  • Allows for easier installation of the heater onto the pipe

These heaters transmit heat through both conduction & radiation. The element winding is designed to heat the ceramic blocks to the point at which they radiate energy into the barrel as well as conduct energy by being in contact with the barrel - fit is not as critical as in other types of bands.

The data comes from the TEMPCO

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