What are the main functions of thermocouple?

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A thermocouple is a device that consists of 2 different conductors that have junctions at different temperatures. When this happens, an electromotive force is induced in the conductor, which is proportional to the temperature difference that can be measured.

Therefore, they are often used to determine the temperature of a fluid. Therefore, in essence, it performs the same function as a thermometer, but it is a solid-state device, so it can be used in a wider temperature range and a higher temperature. There are different types of thermocouples, such as E type, J type, M type, K type, etc. Each thermocouple has its own operating temperature range, purpose, etc.

For example, K-type thermocouples are used to measure temperatures in the range of -200 to 1350 degrees Celsius.

However, thermocouples have been used for other purposes, such as vacuum gauges for detecting radiation. However, the way they act is more or less the same.

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