The effect of electric heating on people's lives

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Heater Tube    The effect of electric heating on people's lives

 Electric heating not only plays a huge role in industrial and agricultural production, but is also used more and more widely in people's daily life. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there is an increasing demand for household appliances. Household appliances are divided into electroacoustic, electro-optical, electric heating, electric cooling, electric and other major categories according to their principles. Among them, electric heating tube equipment has become an important part of household appliances.


      First of all, in terms of indoor heating and insulation, there are various indirect heating electric heaters, electric water heaters, infrared heaters, air heaters, etc. There are also products such as electric quilts for direct heating, electric mattresses, electric heating cushions, and hand warmers. Especially in southern my country, because houses generally do not have heating devices, electric heating appliances are often needed when the temperature drops due to cold waves in winter. In 1980, the sales volume of electric heaters in Hong Kong alone was 60,000 units.


      In terms of cooking, electric stoves, electric rice cookers, electric hot pots, electric ovens, bread ovens, electric coffee makers and other products (the core heating uses civilian electric heating tube products), providing people with more diverse products Food, while reducing the time people spend on cooking, especially in some areas where hydropower energy is relatively abundant, such as China’s Hunan Province. Due to abundant hydropower resources, the province’s small hydropower installed capacity was nearly 900,000 kilowatts in 1982. More than 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity are generated, delivering a lot of cheap electricity to farmers. By the beginning of December 1982, more than 5,600 household members in 27 counties in the province had started cooking rice, cooking and boiling water with electricity. For another example, in the Hong Kong market, China’s electric stoves also occupy a certain position. For example, Hong Kong imported 73,000 electric stoves in 1976, of which 16,000 were Chinese products, accounting for 22%; in 1981, the import volume rose to 100,000. , China’s products are 50,000, accounting for 50%. Electric heating appliances have also contributed to my country's foreign trade.


      In terms of cleansing and cosmetic surgery, bath heaters, electric irons, ironing machines, boiling water heaters, electric combs, hair dryers, hair irons, etc. have gradually entered people's lives.


      In terms of medical and health, household sterilizers, hot compress physiotherapy, gynecological washing, etc., electric heating also provides many new products.

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