How to use thermocouple

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The thermocouple can directly measure the temperature, and convert the temperature signal into a thermoelectromotive force signal, and then into the temperature of the measured medium. It is usually used as the temperature measurement element in the furnace temperature tester, so the correct use of the thermocouple is very important and is related to the change of the temperature curve. Because thermocouples are consumables, they are more prone to problems during use. Therefore, understanding the correct use of thermocouples can better extend their service life and save costs for enterprises.


1. When pasting the thermocouple to the workpiece, you must remember to stick to the product workpiece, and do not let the solder joints of the thermocouple swing inward, especially when the solder joints of the thermocouple are in contact with the metal, they are prone to instantaneous Variety. Voltage. As a result, the temperature of a certain position of the measured temperature curve suddenly rises, which will cause the Y-axis coordinate of the analysis software to become very high, and then the entire curve will look very small.


2. The correct wiring method of the thermocouple is: connect the red wire to the negative pole and the yellow wire to the positive pole.


3. For glass fiber thermocouples, remember to pinch the male plug with your hand, and pull it out when you pull out the plug. Don't pull the wires. This can easily cause the protective cover to loosen or pull out the male plug, resulting in exposed iron core. Cause a short circuit phenomenon.


4. When using, please do not knot or bend it more than 90 degrees. This can easily cause the two inner cores to rupture. After it is damaged, you don't know where it is damaged, then this thermocouple is useless. Be careful when using it and don't use it cruelly.

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