Tempco UL 508A certification

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UL 508A certification pertains to the construction of industrial control panels.  This is a Listing Mark for an end-use application.  Electrical inspectors look for this mark as evidence of third-party certification because it reflects compliance to acceptable safety standards.  Because Tempco is a custom heater manufacturer, the control panels we build are typically designed for specific applications that, many times, include controlling Tempco heaters.  There are strict guidelines for many aspects of designing control panels such as:

  • proper component selection
  • wiring methods
  • wiring ratings
  • spacing constraints

Additionally, there are standards within the standard.  Unlike UL499, it is not enough to just follow and document all of these things.  In order for Tempco to sell a certified UL508A panel, we must have a UL-certified Manufacturer Technical Representative (MTR) – Tempo actually has three MTRs. An MTR is qualified through the successful completion of an online examination that is based on the requirements of the UL 508A Standard. The certification lasts for three years and transfers with the individual, not the company. It offers assurance that the control panels are designed properly.  A UL label signifies that the panel builder has met the requirements of UL508A, and that the panels are subject to inspection by a UL field representative. A UL Follow-Up Service representative inspects Tempco’s facilities periodically and reviews the panels per the UL508A Procedure.  If the panels are found to be compliant, Tempco is permitted to continue production and apply the UL Label.  Having an MTR qualifies builders of industrial control panels to apply UL Certification Marks without needing an examination for each new design. This reduces the time to market and saves money, benefits that Tempco passes on to our customers.

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