Common faults of electric heaters

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    MORE    Common faults of electric heaters

1. Unable to heat (the heating wire in the electric heater is burned out or the junction box is disconnected)


2. The electric heating tube is cracked or broken (the electric heating tube is cracked, the electric heating tube is corroded and broken, etc.)


  1. Leakage (mainly the automatic circuit breaker or leakage protection switch trips, the electric heating tube cannot be heated), usually the fault in this case accounts for more than 90% of the electric heater fault


Treatment method of electric heater failure:


1. If the heater cannot be heated, and the internal wire of the electric heating tube is broken and cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced; if the wire or connector is broken or loose, it can be reconnected.


2. If the heating tube is damaged or broken, the only way is to replace the heating tube.


3. If it is a leak, it is necessary to confirm the leak and consider it according to the situation. If it is the electric heating tube itself, you can bake it in the oven; if the insulation resistance does not increase, you can replace the electric heating tube; if the junction box is filled with water, please use a hot air gun to dry it. metallic line.

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