The working principle of 3D printer nozzle

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Technical principle: The sprinkler is heated, and it can be heated after power on. The 3D printer uses the working principle of FDM melting and accumulation to accumulate one layer. The filamentous (about 2 mm diameter) thermoplastic material is heated and melted by a nozzle, which is equipped with a fine nozzle (usually 0.2 to 0.6 mm in diameter) at the bottom of the nozzle. When the nozzle moves in the horizontal direction, after applying a certain pressure, the printing material is extruded and ejected, and then the extruded material is merged with the previous layer. After the deposition of one layer is completed, the workbench drops vertically to the thickness of one layer, and then continues to melt and deposit until the entire solid modeling is completed.


Reason analysis of disconnection:


(1) Problems with printed materials


The FDM rapid prototyping machine needs to heat and melt the material, and then extrude the material filament from the nozzle to bond to the work surface. Different materials have different high temperature resistance, and the heating temperature of different 3D printer nozzles is also different. Therefore, suitable 3D printer consumables should be selected according to the performance of the equipment. If the quality of the material used is not good, the wire will break.


(2) The problem of the nozzle


The nozzles of the 3D printer will also become clogged, and in this case, the nozzles cannot be discharged normally. In addition, the quality of the nozzle in use is not up to the standard, and it is damaged and cannot be spun, or the internal design is unreasonable, which is not conducive to the silk.

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