What are the application of instantaneous heating technology to faucets?

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With the development of science and technology, faucet heaters are gradually approaching people's lives. Washing hands with cold water in winter will make the dishes numb, and the hands often get frostbite, which makes them very uncomfortable. Add a water heater to the faucet so that people don’t have to worry about this problem. So, how does the instant water heater heat?


In fact, there are three heating technologies in the rapid heating industry, namely: metal heating technology (divided into stainless steel and copper), crystal (quartz) heating technology and nickel-gold heating technology. How to heat the faucet instant water heater?


The principle of metal heating technology is to put a cup made of stainless steel or copper in a spiral heating tube, because the principle of "rapid heating" of boiling water is similar. After market verification, the shortcomings of this heating technology are obvious and easy to expand and expand. Leakage, leakage, leakage, safety cannot be guaranteed, and the service life is not long.


Crystal (quartz) heating technology. The principle of this heating technique is to cover a layer of carbon film on the wall of the transistor (glass). After heating, the heat is transferred from the transistor to the water in the transistor through the carbon film. As you can imagine, the thermal conductivity of crystals (glass). The performance is not very good, so a large amount of heat will be lost in the heat transfer process, resulting in low heating efficiency.


In addition, the carbon film on the outer wall will slowly decay over time, and the heating efficiency will become lower and lower. In addition, the stability of the glass is not high, and safety problems may also occur when encountering extreme cold and extreme heat.


Nickel-gold heating technology is also called "nickel-gold bare wire heating technology".


The heater is composed of nickel alloy, and the nickel content is as high as 80%, which is 5 times that of the ordinary heating method, namely, nickel 80. The thermal efficiency is much higher than the traditional heating method, and the heat transfer efficiency is high. Fast speed and good heating effect. In addition, fouling is the main reason that affects the life of the heater. The formation of scale requires a temperature higher than 63 degrees. The nickel-gold heater has good thermal conductivity and is superior to other materials, so the local temperature difference is less than 63 degrees, which is completely realized without mass production, so the heat transfer speed is very fast. After long-term use, the heating effect and its own quality remain unchanged. In addition, nickel-gold water heaters have super corrosion resistance, suitable for normal operation of any water quality, and greatly extend the service life of the water heater.

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