Tempco Silicone Rubber Drum HeaterInstallation Instructions for “DHR” Series

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Silicone Rubber Heater    Tempco Silicone Rubber Drum HeaterInstallation Instructions for “DHR” Series

Do NOT apply power to heater prior to proper installation. Disconnect power supply to heater before removing the heater from installation.

1. Attach the heater assembly to the drum to be heated by hooking thespring over the hook clip at the other heater end as pictured below


2. Most importantly, be sure to wrap the heater tightly around the drum where it will be in full contact with thedrum, making sure the heater is perfectly flat against the side of the drum to avoid hot spots that can shortenthe life of the heater (avoid installing heater over drum ridges)

DO NOT place the drum heater over dents or extreme rust spots.

DO NOT immerse heaters in liquid.

DO NOT operate heaters at a voltage higher than the specified or rated voltage as indicated on thelabel.

DO NOT expose heaters to chemicals, acids, alkalis, oils, fluids or other substances that could igniteor cause damage to the heater.

DO NOT place any insulated material over the heater unless adequate measures are taken to controlheater temperature.

DO NOT leave heaters operating unattended unless an external temperature controller is installed toensure safety.

DO NOT attempt to repair damaged heaters. Immediately discard damaged or torn heaters to avoidinjury and hazardous conditions.


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