Silicone Rubber Heaters

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Silicone rubber heaters from WATTCO™ are composed of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubbers that are moisture and chemical resistant. Thin and flexible, silicone rubber heater elements are designed to meet the requirements of various low and medium temperature applications that require irregular shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Silicone heaters are known for their unique and flexible properties and can withstand mechanical shock and vibration. Silicone heaters have unique qualities such as a high dielectric strength, non-toxicity, and flame retardance. Silicone heaters consist of two “wafers” of silicone with a heating resistor sandwiched in between. Thermostat controls are options that are used to help reach your target temperature. Teflon lead wires exit any location of your choosing and are offered at any length you require. Perfect for applications that require direct heat such as surfaces, barrels, conical shapes as well as in cylinders and small areas where traditional electric heating elements cannot fit. Adhesive backing is also available to help with fixation. Silicone heaters are used in applications requiring temperatures upwards of 450 degrees F such as freeze protection of electrical enclosures.

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