Tubular Band Heaters

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Tubular Nozzle Band heaters are recommended for heating applications where premature nozzle band heater burn-out on plastic injection molding machines is a constant problem due to contamination from plastic overflow or contaminants.

Incoloy® 840 sheath .315 diameter tubular heating element is used as the heat source. It is formed to the specified inside diameter to produce a snug, slip-on fit.

A low thermal expansion alloy is used to make the strap that houses the tubular heating element. The strap edges are rolled over the element to prevent the strap from separating from the tubular heater. Specially designed mounting brackets provide the clamping force required to tightly draw the tubular heater against the cylinder.

Sheath Materials

Incoloy 840

Nickel 18-20%, Chromium 18-22%, Iron balance.

Has about 10% less nickel than Incoloy 800. Used in many air heating applications, where it has exhibited superior oxidation resistance at less cost than Incoloy 800.

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