Paris international heating, cooling, air conditioning, new energy and household electrical exhibition

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Exhibition Trade Show    Paris international heating, cooling, air conditioning, new energy and household electrical exhibition


France hvac industry professional high-end exhibition

French hvac refrigeration and energy exhibition INTERCLIMA ELEC exhibition is the world's first exhibition in the field of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, after 40 years of market development and constantly improve the show and professional control, INTERCLIMA + ELEC has become a set of intelligent building materials field a variety of energy and technology, it covers the refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and household electrical, new energy and lighting area.

Three exhibitions are held at the same time: Batimat France and Ideo bain are also held at the same time, which bring together the whole architectural field and create a global large-scale comprehensive industry event.

Good platform: Paris international heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, new energy and household appliances exhibition is a large building and refrigeration industry equipment and accessories exhibition, the industry policy makers and installation personnel gathered in the search for renewable energy and energy saving and efficient partners and comfortable solution and smart home/building system.
Take part in Interclima + Elec, you can achieve great sales performance in just 4 days.
This global event presents a new business opportunity for various industries in France and around the world, catering to the different business and marketing strategies of different companies.

Appeal: the exhibition also provides a new method of display: aiming at VIP buyers and/or audience, with less investment, the overall solution, attract more customers and/or potential customers to the audience, the display of economic and effective solutions to improve product visibility, overcome the economic crisis as well as the solution to stimulate economic growth, more trading opportunities.

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