Germany Essen international hvac exhibition

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The largest hvac exhibition in Germany

SHK ESSEN is an international trade fair on plumbing, heating, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy, held every two years at the ESSEN international exhibition center.

Innovative: the exhibition attaches great importance to the development of renewable energy and recycling application, the sustainable development of innovation, etc., such as combined heat and power, water treatment, wastewater reuse, etc., is a targeted trade fair, due to the gradual improvement of the energy costs now, efficient use of energy is the key to the technology, especially bathing places of public health services in the energy utilization technology, renewable energy, heating facilities such as the sun light energy and heat pump technology is an important part of exhibition, in addition, efficient heating technology, oil and natural gas condensation technology and a highlight of the exhibition.

Large scale: the exhibition area of the last exhibition was 31,037 square meters, with 519 exhibitors and 48,500 visitors.
The four-day event is a short time for exhibitors to showcase their latest products, innovations and services.

Great market potential: according to the data released by the federal statistics office of Germany, the German economy still maintained stable growth, with GDP growth rate of 3% for the whole year.
Trade between China and Germany has always accounted for nearly one third of china-europe trade, equivalent to that between China, Britain, France and Italy combined.
The annual increase of international participants in the exhibition, to a certain extent, reflects the great potential of Germany in the international market.

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