How to use a heating pad for crawling pets?

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Silicone Rubber Heater    How to use a heating pad for crawling pets?

1. If a thicker wooden box is used, it can be laid in the box, but it is best to have padding on it to avoid overheating and scalding pets; if the box is thin or glass, it can be placed outside.


2. It must be laid at 1/2 of the box, that is, half is enough, so that a hot and cold zone can be created for the crawler, and the crawler can adjust the most suitable temperature by itself.


3. When in use, some newspapers can be placed under the electric heating pad to increase the temperature and keep the heat from dissipating.


4. When heating animals, keep adequate ventilation and a cool place to prevent overheating.


5. Choose a crawling mat with quality assurance and avoid using inferior products. The heating pad must be equipped with a reliable thermostat, even if it is a heating pad with constant temperature and power failure, it must be equipped with a thermostat


  1. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the wattage and the area of the heating pad. The larger the area, the greater the wattage, so when choosing an electric heating pad, you can choose an area that suits your home.
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