How to deal with the scale found on the electric heating tube of the pipeline heater?

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Heater Tube    How to deal with the scale found on the electric heating tube of the pipeline heater?

After the pipeline electric heater is transmitted in the pipeline for a period of time, scale will be generated on its internal resistance. Over time, the scale will accumulate, which will directly reduce the heating effect of the entire pipeline electric heater, or even continue to use it. Therefore, once any scale is found in the pipeline electric heater, it must be removed in time.


For the scale in the electric heating tube of the pipeline, there is usually a special descaling agent to complete, because this kind of descaling agent is special and can be adjusted by ourselves. First add 160ml of deionized water to a 200ml beaker, and then place it in a thermostat to keep the temperature at 40°C. After that, the weighed main agent, active agent, auxiliary agent, and pH adjuster are added in sequence in a certain proportion, and the mixed material is slowed down when adding to make it completely dissolved. Then at room temperature, this solution can be used as a cleaning agent.


Due to the following reasons, the cause of the fire of the pipeline electric heater is: one is that the electric pipeline electric heater near the combustible is on or on the combustible material, which causes the fire under the long-term high temperature baking, and the second is the electric heating of the pipeline. Plug the pipe electric heater into the socket without installing the blessing head, so it is easy to cause a short-term fire. Third, when the pipe electric heater is used to leave, the plug of the electric heater is not unplugged. The time is too long, causing the pipe The electric heater overheats, causing nearby combustibles to ignite, causing a fire. Fourth, if the resistance wire continues to be used after repeated maintenance, it may cause the circuit to overload and cause a fire.

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