Electrical insulation properties of the components

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Heater Tube    Electrical insulation properties of the components

The component withstand voltage is lower than the standard value, the leakage current is greater than 5mA or the insulation current is lower than 1MΩ, and it is irrecoverable.


The shell has flame emission and molten material, the surface is severely corroded, or other damages that cannot be repaired.

The actual power of the component is 20% worse than the rated power of the electric heating tube.


1. The heat-conducting oil furnace can obtain a higher working temperature of the electric heating tube under a lower operating pressure, and can be used as a high temperature heat source of 50 heating tubes below 0 .


2. The heating temperature is stable, and the electric heating tube can accurately adjust the load-temperature. It can operate stably in the adjustable load section and has automatic heating tube operation control and safety monitoring devices.


3. Closed circuit heating, high heat utilization efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.


4. Molten salt is solid at room temperature. The electric heating tube must be preheated before starting, and all the molten salt in the system must be returned to the storage tank when shutting down. Therefore, starting and stopping are more complicated.


The electric heating tube is an electrical component that specially converts electric energy into heat energy. Because of its low price, the electric heating tube makes the heating tube easy to use, easy to install, and pollution-free. It is widely used in various electric heating occasions.


Due to reasons such as use and long-term storage. The electrical insulation performance of the component is lower than the standard value. The process of restoring the electrical insulation performance of the electric heating tube to the standard value through methods such as electric heating tube oven drying, and does not affect the performance and normal use of the component.

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