How to choose a good heating tube manufacturer?

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Heater Tube    How to choose a good heating tube manufacturer?

1. Ask the manufacturer about the internal material of the heating tube when buying


Why are many heating tubes similar in appearance, but the price will have a big error? That is the internal material inside. The two most important internal materials are insulating powder and alloy wire. Insulating powder, the poor ones will use quartz sand, and the good ones will use insulating modified magnesium oxide powder. In addition, the alloy wire is generally iron-chromium-aluminum. According to the requirements and grades of pipe production, nickel-chromium alloy wires can be used. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It is recommended that customers not be greedy for cheap, so as not to buy inferior products.


2. Stainless steel 304 material is the most commonly used by general customers. The working environment is generally divided into dry heating and liquid heating. If it is dry heating, for example, it is used in ovens and duct heaters. It can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel 304. If it is heating liquid, if it is water, use stainless steel electric heating tube, this stainless steel is generally stainless steel 304 material, if it is oil, you can use carbon steel or stainless steel 304 material. If it has weak acid and alkaline liquids, stainless steel 316 can be used. If there is strong acid in the liquid, stainless steel 316, polytetrafluoroethylene or even titanium pipe should be used. Determine the power of the heating tube according to the working environment.


3. The power setting is mainly dry heating electric heating tube and liquid heating. For dry heating, generally a one-meter-length tube is 1KW, and heating liquid is generally a one-meter-length tube that is 2-3KW, and the maximum is not more than 4KW. .


4. Choose the shape of the heating tube according to the customer's electric heating equipment.


The shape of the stainless steel heating tube is ever-changing, the simplest is the straight rod, the U-shaped and then the special-shaped. For specific conditions, electric heating tubes of specific shapes are used.


5. Determine the wall thickness of the heating tube according to the usage of the customer's heating tube


Performance curve of heating tube power calculation


Generally, the wall thickness of the heating tube is 0.8mm, but according to the working environment of the heating tube, such as the case of high water pressure, it is necessary to use a seamless stainless steel tube with a thicker wall to make the electric heating tube.

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