How to choose a mold heater?

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Generally, mold heating is to punch holes in the mold, and then insert the heater directly into the mold hole. From this perspective, cartridge heaters and double-head heating rods are first seen from the appearance.


To meet the mold heating.


In fact, generally more than 80% of customers will use cartridge heaters for their own mold heating, because cartridge heaters can use their own internal structure.


Large size and high power. This kind of small, high-power heating rod + sub is well received by customers. At the same time, because the two connection terminals of the cartridge heater are on one side, the convenience of wiring is greatly improved, so the cartridge heater is widely used in the mold heating environment.


What should I pay attention to when using a cartridge heater to heat the mold?


1. The diameter of the heating tube of the barrel must be closely aligned with the diameter of the die hole. Usually the gap between the two is less than 0.1mm. For example, the diameter of a heating rod with a diameter of 10 should be within 10.1.


2. The coaxiality and dimensional tolerance of the mounting hole should be effectively guaranteed during processing, such as using a reamer and other tools for trimming.


3. Before the mold electric heater is installed, the residual organic oil and other residues in the processing process will be carbonized after heating, which will affect the heat transfer capacity.


4. There will be no problems when using at the design voltage. The actual power used can be calculated according to the following formula: [Using voltage/design voltage] [Using voltage/design (reverse voltage)*Design power=Using power (example) rated voltage and rated power electric heater 230V and 500W, use 220V Voltage, the used power is 418.6W, which is about 84% of the rated power.

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