How to deal with the terminals of the silicone heater?

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Heater Tube    How to deal with the terminals of the silicone heater?

Silica gel is a new type of polymer elastic material. It has excellent high temperature resistance (250-300°C) and low temperature resistance (-40-60°C) performance, good physiological stability, can withstand repeated harsh and sterilization conditions, excellent resilience, and small permanent deformation (not 50% for 48 hours at 200℃), breakdown voltage (20-25KV/mm), ozone and ultraviolet resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has oil resistance. This also directly leads to more and more applications of silicone products, and silicone tubes are just one of them.


The silicone tube can be used for coating and diversion of various carriers, conforms to the environmental protection level, has a wide range of applications, is healthy, and is resistant to blowing and tearing. Common silicone tubes include: medical silicone tubes, food-grade silicone tubes, industrial silicone tubes, silicone special-shaped tubes, silicone tube accessories, etc. The bonding of silicone tubes and silicone tubes is also a common problem. Today I will talk about the bonding method of silicone tube and silicone tube.


Silicone adhesive MW-308AB is required to bond the silicone tube to the silicone tube. The silicone adhesive MW-308AB is a two-component silicone glue that sticks to silicone. Mainly used for bonding between silicone tubes, silicone shaped strips, silicone foam plates, silicone sun-shaped strips (sealing strips), etc. The combined and bonded silicone products have high strength, no embrittlement, no whitening, and good elasticity. The glue is cured by high temperature heating, so the curing speed is fast, and the output is high. The daily output per person for the Japanese tube is about 6000-8000. It can pass various SGS certifications such as ROHS and FDA. The adhesive product has good resilience and is especially suitable for the butt joint of various silicone sealing strips and molded silicone.

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