In the finned tube heater, is the more finned tube heaters, the better?

INDUSTRIAL HEATER    Heater Tube    In the finned tube heater, is the more finned tube heaters, the better?

Finned tube heaters are widely used in life and industry. Many laymen know the importance of finned tubes in radiators. Therefore, some people think that the more finned tubes, the better the effect. Is it really? the answer is negative. The finned tube in the finned tube heater is typeset according to a certain scientific design, which will affect its performance more or less.


Let us analyze the reasons.


1. In terms of process difficulty, if the finned tubes are arranged too densely, considerable process difficulty will be increased. The cost is something that many companies are unwilling to bear. Because this intangible cost increase will inevitably increase the cost of the product. The current price of finned tube heaters is very transparent. As the market continues to expand, similar companies continue to increase. After the cost increases, market sales will inevitably cause great difficulties and affect the development of the enterprise.


2. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the finned tubes are arranged too densely. Everyone knows that it is easy to accumulate dust. The point is that the dust itself is difficult to clean. If the density increases, it will be more difficult to clean up the dust. The maintenance of each link causes difficulties, also affects the service life of the finned tube, and causes unnecessary losses to the enterprise.


3. The finned tube increases and the heat transfer area increases. The heat transfer coefficient will not increase, but will be compromised. If the height is increased, the efficiency of the fin will decrease, and the economic benefit of increasing the fin will decrease.


Finned tube heaters are currently the most widely used heat exchange equipment in industry. It is a cold heat exchanger in which fins are installed on the heat exchange tube to increase the heat dissipation area. Among them, the steel-aluminum composite tube (radiator) is composed of a wound steel-aluminum composite fin tube and a rolled steel-aluminum composite fin tube. It utilizes the pressure resistance of steel pipe and the efficient thermal conductivity of aluminum and is compounded on a special machine tool. The advantage of the steel-aluminum composite tube radiator is that other types of finned tube heaters cannot be replaced.


Therefore, proper maintenance of the finned tube heater is particularly important. Proper maintenance can extend the service life of the finned tube heater, save operating costs, and reduce operating losses. However, if the maintenance method is improper, it will not only reduce the service life of the finned tube heater, but also affect the use of the product and increase the loss of the enterprise.

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