Temperature Thermocouples

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We offer fully accessorized and specifically designed Temperature Thermocouples as per the specific need of the clients. Our Temperature Thermocouples are known for measuring high temperatures accurately. These rugged, dependable and low-cost Temperature Thermocouples can be manufactured in customized specifications.

Measuring temperature

  • Up to 1800oF
  • Temperature range of cryogenic
  • 5,000oF
  • Attributes
  • Suitable for all possible applications
  • Offered in J, K, PT-PT-RH-10% / 13% RTD Resistor sensor
  • Provide accurate temperature rating
  • Moisture proof
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Thermocouple & thermo resistance M.I. with grounded  or ungrounded junctions
  • Supplied with calibration certificates and accessories
  • Available in Plain, Bayonet, Barr, Head, Washer, Leaf and Ring types.
  • Fiber coated, Teflon coated, Stainless Steal breaded, etc. wires are offered
  • Types of Sensing Tips
  • Band Type
  • Compression Fitting Type
  • Bayonet Type
  • Plain Type
  • Spring Adjustable Bayonet Type
  • Bolt Type
  • Washer type
  • Used for Measuring Temperature of
  • Plastic extruders, Furness, etc. using electric / electronic temperature indicator & controller
  • Order Information
  • Type
  • Tip diameter & length
  • Drawing for special type configuration
  • Cable length
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