UL 508a Custom control Panel for extrusion die heating

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Tempco was approached by a manufacturer in the sheet film industry who needed a control panel solution for heating large cast dies that utilize several zones of cartridge heaters. This extrusion die manufacturer had heard of Tempco but had not placed an order because they knew very little about our company. A visit from one of our outside salespersons changed this.

After several meetings with our salesperson, the customer decided to give us an opportunity to build a panel for their application. They were seeking a new control panel supplier who could adhere to UL 508A standards while designing the panel with all of the same specifications that were previously used. The main difficulty to overcome in this design was containing the panel within the small enclosure size that was specified.

The final, control panel design included 5 individually controlled zones with the following features:

  • analog amp meters
  • on/off switches
  • outgoing power via multi-pin connector receptacles located on the panel wall.

Upon receipt of the customer approval drawing, Tempco quoted, manufactured and shipped this UL 508A certified control panel in less time than the customer expected.

(Content from the TEMPCO)

2020年10月8日 17:06