Problems encountered when using single-head heating tube

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The special heating tube should be read carefully before installation and use to prevent damage. The hot part of the single-ended heating tube penetrates into the heating material, and the heating value of the heating tube must not gradually exceed the allowable heating temperature to avoid damage. In addition, some wires should be exposed outside the insulation layer or electric heater to avoid danger due to excessive temperature.


After inputting the switching power supply, each heating tube shall not exceed 10% of the rated current. If the application is less than the rated current, the heat generated by a single heating tube will also be reduced. When wiring, use two nuts to reversely tighten the terminals of the heating tube to avoid forcibly loosening and damaging the heating tube. Clean the terminals of the single-head heating tube. Dry and impatient, but due to short-circuit failure, the dielectric strength and energy are reduced.


The natural environment of liquid or vapor such as chemical corrosion, flammability, flammability and explosion can be used to safely protect part of the sealing equipment of the heating pipeline to prevent safety accidents. When heating certain chemical substances (such as sodium nitrate, paraffin, etc.), the power supply voltage should be reduced during heating to reduce the heat generation of the heating tube, and then increase to the rated heating current.


When using a single-head heating tube, pay attention to the heating material. The heating tube and shell materials have no precipitation. Single-head electric heating tubes should be stored in a dry warehouse. Since the surface is in a damp state for a long time, a megohmmeter should be used to measure the grounding resistance in the application. If it is less than 1 megohm/500 volts, put the heating tube into a 200 degree oven to air dry. The single-head heating tube has a long use time, and thick tubular scale accumulates on the surface. When the oil is dirty, it must be removed at any time. Otherwise, the thermal conductivity of the heating tube will decrease, and the heat consumption on the surface of the tube will exceed the rated value.

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