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Cartridge Heater

All products are using SUS304 or SUS321 seamless stainless steel pipe, MOG holder and MGO head with high temperature 1800C,99% MGO rod,overseas high temperature MGO powder, Cr20Ni80 resistance wire ,Ni-Mn lead wire and Silicone Rubber wire .It suits for mold heating Large-scele production with competitive price,Good-look appearance of the product and excellent quality .


Features of Cartridge Heater:


3.0mm to 85mm

Diameter tolerance


Length tolerance


Cold zone

5~15mm from lead wire; 3~10mm at the bottom

Max surface loading




Insulation resistance


Temperature tolerance




Material of lead wire

Silicone rubber; Teflon; High Temperature Fiberglass; Metal hose protection; Metal braided, ETC

Thermocouple wire

K type,J type,E type ,PT100

Method of lead wire

Internal wire(Swaged) and External wire (Cripmed)


Which fittings can on Straight type Cartridge Heater ?

  1. Screw/Threaded
  2. Stainless steel chip
  3. Fin
  4. Flange


Laiyuan advantage of Cartridge Heater:

1.We make high quality cartridge heaters according to clients’ sample or drawing ;

2.We can make the most hard products according to clients’ drawings,the max surface load can be 40w/cm2

3.We can design the mold hole diameter hole distance, heating power etc according to clients’ mold and make the high quality cartridge heaters and customers’ mold .

4.Solve the heating imbalance problem specially for big mold,circle-roller and long packing cutter. We can make the cartridge heaters for these products which temperature tolerance within +/-3C.

5.Improve cartridge heater uselife by optimization design and reduce the energy consumption .


Order parameters of :

1.Diameter of pipe;

2.Length of pipe;


4.Working temperature/Working environment

5.Method of lead wire