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Bobbin Heater

Product Description

Bobbin heater is constructed using several refractory ceramic blocks assembled together to the required length. The Nichrome wire heating element is inserted into the ceramic blocks, with a terminal block at one end.

This bobbin  assembly is then inserted into  a pre-assembled special protection tube, when used in liquid immersion and gas application.  However,  bobbin heaters can also be used in direct air-heating application without the protection tube.


Features of Ceramic bobbin heater

Offers a large area to heat liquids or semi-solid materials like wax, fats, oil and bitumen.

Suitable for indirect heating of gases and liquids, where it is inserted into a pocket or protection tube in the process tank, wherein, it can be repaired or replaced without draining the process tank.

Wide range of lengths, voltages and power is available to meet customers’ specific requirement.

Benefit Simple and low-cost installation,Ease of maintenance and repair,Energy efficient as 100% of heat generated is within the solution.


Specification of Ceramic bobbin heater

Industrial Application of Ceramic bobbin heater:

1)Pre-heating bitumen road pavement

2)Oil purification industry

3)Degreasing for metal stamping industry

4)Wax softener